Blissful Bedrooms

Here at Blissful Bedrooms, our hearts are very heavy because we have a lost a brother, our sweet and kind-hearted friend Tajeme. Taj was part of the Blissful Bedrooms family of volunteers and he contributed significantly to several bedroom makeovers. He was a heart driven volunteer who had too many talents to count – an artist, a master carpenter, an electrical wizard, a story teller, a music lover and the list goes on and on…. A humble servant, Taj worked selflessly and tirelessly to give each bedroom recipient the bedroom of their dreams. Like an angel, he would appear, work his magic and disappear quietly, never wanting any recognition for the huge involvement he had. In between working, he would spend time with the disabled child and their family members, leaving a lasting impression on each and every family we served. When he took a rare break from the intensity of the makeover, you could find him outside playing football with the neighborhood kids, or in the hallway stretching out a fellow volunteer whose body was feeling the stress of long hours of labor. His loving energy lives on in the bedrooms of the fortunate young individuals he served, and in the hearts of every one of us who knew him.

In the limited time we spent with him, Taj has left a definite imprint on our lives. He had that special something, that rare lightness of being, that elusive and captivating quality that just made others want to be around him. We are so very grateful we had the good fortune of meeting him, and were able to spend time together doing soul enriching, karma elevating work. We will miss his heartfelt hugs, his whimsical laugh, his Citizen Cope playlist, his magical hands, his boyish smirk and his cooler than cool swagger. You were a true gentleman and a wise and compassionate soul. In retrospect, it is obvious that a small container such as a physical body, even one as majestic, tall and strong as yours, could not hold your expansive and adventurous soul. May your spirit soar Taj, and may your love resonate in the hearts of all that knew you and loved you. We will never forget you and will always strive to be better human beings because of the example you set for us. Because of you, the world is a brighter and more evolved place, and will continue to get brighter because of your influence. You will be missed, but we know that you have greater and more eternal matters to attend to now. Rest in peace sweet Taj. We love you. Until we meet again….

A beautiful and substantial article on Taj was featured in the New York Times on January 22nd, 2011: “A Vibrant Force Lost, While an Arts Scene Mourns”. Click the screenshot below to read the article…