Blissful Bedrooms

Ninti’s Bedroom Makeover

Ninti is a beautiful and radiant 20-year-old young woman with cerebral palsy. It’s impossible not to be captivated by her charm, as she exudes such a sweet joyfulness and her giggles are completely contagious. Ninti graduated last year from a public special education school in the Bronx. She uses a wheelchair for mobility in the community, but at home Ninti walks about independently, sometimes enlisting the walls and furniture for support. She lives with her parents and is the youngest of eight children, but the only who one who remains in the nest. Ninti’s parents are extraordinarily warmhearted and vibrant human beings, just like their daughter, and there is no mistaking how much they are enchanted with and enjoy Ninti’s presence.

Ninti has many creative interests. She can happily spend hours alone in her bedroom making art, whether it’s painting and coloring, or cutting out shapes and images from magazines and creating collages. Another passion of Ninti’s is styling hair. None of her dolls have escaped her scissors and conditioning products. In fact, mom has to hide her collector dolls from Ninti, because in the flash of an eye, Ninti will give them all hair makeovers. When Ninti is not using her hands to make art or to beautify her dolls, she is perusing youtube videos on her phone and her interests are wide and varied, all the way from gospel music to yoga sessions in Chinese. Ninti takes great pride in her appearance and she has a unique and fun personal style. She truly relishes her femininity and enjoys getting her hair and nails done in funky and vibrant colors. Like many artists, Ninti enjoys long stretches of solitude and privacy to engage in her creative process. Ninti’s parents completely respect and honor her need for space, and they do everything they can to facilitate her independence and autonomy.

Ninti made it very clear during our visits that she wants lots of pink in her bedroom, and we will make sure to grant her wishes. Based on all we have learned about Ninti, our aim is to create a stimulating space where she can fully embrace her creative passions. We will also make sure it is cozy and comfy, as Ninti likes snuggly naps and time to relax, imagine and daydream.

We are planning to carry out Ninti’s makeover at the beginning of the new year. Before the makeover, we will do a professional photo shoot with Ninti and her family, as we do for all of our bedroom makeover recipients, striving to capture her distinctive personality in the photos. Because Ninti has a strong fascination for styling hair, we thought it would be a novel and fun experience to do some of Ninti’s personal photos in a venue dedicated to beauty. If you have a salon/space in mind that would be open and excited to welcome Ninti for this experience, please reach out to us soon! We would also like to attract a volunteer makeup artist to our team for the photo shoot who specializes in Ninti’s complexion. Before the photo shoot, we will take Ninti on a shopping spree so she can pick out her wardrobe for her photos and also for the big Reveal Day, when she sees her Blissful bedroom for the first time and is celebrated by a house full of family and friends.

Please reach out if you have any ideas or resources to make this a dream come true experience for Ninti all around!

If you would like to volunteer for Ninti’s bedroom makeover, we are strongly in need of the following skills:
-Floor refinisher
-and others who would like to contribute in some way to giving Ninti a magical and wonderful Blissful Bedrooms makeover experience.

If you are in a position to make a donation of any amount to Ninti’s project, we very much appreciate your support, and you can do so at the link below. You can also Venmo a donation if that is easier: @Blissfulbedrooms. Thank you!

Thank you so very much for your interest in Ninti and the work of our organization. Please stay tuned for more details.