Blissful Bedrooms

Nikolye’s Bedroom Makeover

UPDATE!!! During the weekend of 2/28-3/2/14, a team of Blissful Bedrooms volunteers –TEAM NIKOLYE– made a dream come true for Nikolye. So many wonderful people invested in this charitable endeavor – NIKOLYE’S ANGELS – making it all possible. Thank you Team Nikolye and Nikolye’s Angels for opening your hearts to this beautiful young man. Together, we have forever changed his life with this act of compassion and he has definitely changed ours.


Nikolye’s team was composed of a diverse group of more than 30 individuals with incredible talent and ginormous, compassionate hearts! Most everything in Nikolye’s Blissful Bedroom was handcrafted and was inspired by and made especially for this very special young man – from the custom-crafted, powerful and regal Lion headboard, which is composed of nearly 80 pieces of birch wood that were individually sanded, painted and glued, to the giant Peace Sign, which was meticulously built and wired with colorful LED lights, to the wheelchair accessible computer desk and the entertainment center shelves, to the fantastic original art work that is displayed on the walls and shelves.

Nikolye’s substantial and colorful Bob Marley wall mural was created on a sunny winter day in a NYC park and emulates his vibrant and joyful nature to a T. A handcrafted floor lamp made out of a wooden drum and vinyl records stands proudly next to a custom crafted corner closet trimmed with the Bob Marley colors inside and out, which was designed creatively and expertly for form and function. So many artistic details fill every corner of Nikolye’s bedroom and even hang from the ceiling, as in the wooden peace mobile and the sleek coconut shell fan. A guitar, hand painted in the Jamaican flag colors (and autographed by every member of Team Nikolye on the back), complements the inside surface of Nikolye’s hand painted bedroom door. Nikolye’s name is hand scrolled and adorned with three little birds (inspired by one of Bob Marley’s most popular songs) and a medley of music notes made by the same carpenter artist is mounted on the outside of Nikolye’s bedroom door and allude to the harmony and good vibes guests will encounter once inside. Even the window shade, which brings the Caribbean sea to Nikolye’s bedroom, was custom printed from a personal travel photograph.

Many, many other special elements abound in Nikolye’s sanctuary – each and every piece deserving a write-up of it’s own! The love and energy that went into manifesting this beautiful Reggae/Bob Marley/Jamaican themed bedroom for Nikolye will resonate within the walls of Nikolye’s home for many years to come, as well as in the hearts and psyche of every single person who helped make it happen and witnessed it’s evolution.

Infinite gratitude and esteem to Team Nikolye and Nikolye’s Angels for without your contribution of time and funds, this would never be.

Much respect and appreciation to Nikolye’s beautiful and gracious parents, Ian and Nadine, and his handsome and honorable brothers, Edjahton and Jahyan, for welcoming us into their home, surrendering their privacy and comfort for several days, trusting in Team Nikolye’s every move, and allowing us the privilege of carrying out this act of love for Nikolye. The entire team was moved, inspired and warmed by the genuine love this family shares for each other and we are proud and happy to welcome them all to our Blissful Bedrooms Family!

Nikolye, our wish for you: may all of your days be blissful in your Blissful Bedroom.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who made this spectacular event possible! Whether you volunteered your time, donated money, or donated products and services, we are forever grateful and couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you to all of the beautiful volunteers – TEAM NIKOLYE - who dedicated their hearts, shared their talents, devoted countless hours to Nikolye's happiness and went above and beyond to make his special weekend perfect!

Aprajita Anand
Alyssa Bascom
Allison Bearam
Jeff Boyd
Eric Campros
Avra Cohen
Justin Coleman
Jordan Detzell
Madeline Dudek
Alexey Dvoryadkin
Justine Garcia
Aaron Gailmor
Yair Gelb
Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin
Tanya Guarneras
Teresa Hamm
Lexy Ho-Tai
Bekah Lacoste
Harry Lacoste
Nick Mead
Cameo Morningstar
Shami Louis
Meg O’Dwyer
Steve Rayboy
Julliette Rochard
Adam Seim
Sarah Seim
Timmy Seim
Alex Snickenberger
Karin Sagona
Monique Toro
Sergi Tsalapatanis
Shaina Yang

Thank you to all of the generous ORGANIZATIONS/ BUSINESSES and INDIVIDUALS - NIKOLYE'S ANGELS - who supported Nikolye’s bedroom makeover by donating funds, services, food and/or materials. This makeover could not have been possible without your help!


Brenda Allen
Jessica Amadeo
Charles Archer
Amala Barnett
Sara Bennett
Gina Bergdall
Diana Brown
Christina Buck
Linda Buck
Zach Buckter
Ciretta Carroll
RoseAnn Colkin
Kat Corbett
Ivy Cunningham
Rachel Dorsey
Kimberly Escobar
Sari Feldman
Eric Fiebert
Lesley Flamino
Laura Gilmore
Scott Goldman
Brett Goldstein
Mary Gosson
Molly Gosson
Kelly Gouteix
Gabriela Groenke
Hector Guerrero
David & Teresa Hamm
Pearl Ho-Tai
Elizabeth Hudson
Samiya Ikram
Ginna Incalcaterra
Lisa Joseph
Sarah Istel
Leyla Khalatbary
William Knifel
Lisa Kressbach
Frances Lim
Jenna Lucente
Sarah Madsen
Ilene Martin
Miranda Martinez
Emily McLaughlin
Janet McNamee
Suzanne Mead
Dana Morgan
Carol Nevins
Sinead O’Dwyer
Rebecca Pellman
Mark Perrone
Randy Pinnock
Caroline Proto
Daniel Rich
Lisa Richmond
Donna Sagona
Karin Sagona
Laura Salvato
Craig Shukri
Jessica Williams
Quintana Family
Aileen Salvante-Martin
Samantha Shortell
Helin Siris
Donna Stevens
Sean Sullivan
Ainsley Thompson
RoByn Thompson
Seth Waldenberg
Nick Warren
Roxanne William
Jessica Williams
Peter Wright
Mark Zhuravsky
Andrea Zollo

Aljam of Reggaleution Band, Brooklyn, NY
Assured Guaranty - Wear Your Jeans to Work Day
Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
Cambridge Brokerage Group, Ltd
Corcoran Group Cares
Emily Madison
Film Biz Recycling, Inc
Gaggyl – Darty Series
Golden Krust
High School for Language & Diplomacy Service Club
Khan Lucas
Lawrence & Sandra Post Family Foundation
New York Sports & Spinal Physical Therapy
Raising Astoria
The Cheesecake Factory (Huntington)
The Giving Tree Yoga Studio
The Luis & Alma Charitable Foundation
The Warehouse on George
ZogSports (designated charity by The Whale Floor Hockey Team)

Thank you to the Companies and Individuals who have adopted Blissful Bedrooms donation boxes, and to the generous and giving customers/people who contributed to the boxes. You helped us manifest Alberto’s dream bedroom!

Audrey Richards
Astoria 31st street market
Belaire Diner
Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
California Market
Circle W
Double G. Pharmacy
Film Biz Recycling
Green Line Market
Igloo Cafe
Natural Frontier Market
Omega Wines & Spirits
Rosario’s Italian Food Store
If you are touched and inspired by what you've seen above, please help us to perform our next bedroom makeover by making a donation of any amount today. Our work is only possible because of your generous contributions and loyal support!