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Kathya’s bedroom makeover

UPDATE!!! Kathya received her bedroom makeover during the weekend of January 16-17, 2010. Both her and her sister Jamie were amazed with the results and are enjoying their new space very much. In fact, Kathya is quite the popular hostess lately. She has been having her friends over from school to spend afternoons of fun in her bedroom – something she never did before!


Kathya is a beautiful 20-year-old girl that is extremely affectionate and loves to give and receive hugs! She currently attends a New York City District 75 school and will be graduating next year. Kathya has an angelic face that is a radiant beam of light and she is very loved by the students and staff at the school. In fact, Kathya cannot make it ten feet down the hallway without a staff member stopping her and telling her how pretty she is and admiring her beauty. She expresses her gratitude by shining light on all of those who interact with her with her brilliant and sparkling smile and her large and expressive, loving eyes.

Kathya is challenged with cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia type (which means all four of her extremities are affected). She is unable to walk but she possesses the cognitive function and enough fine motor control of her left hand to operate a motorized wheelchair, which she routinely uses to navigate the school environment and community. Having a motorized wheelchair has increased Kathya’s independence and her self-esteem has soared since she obtained it. However, the wheelchair breaks down at times and she has to be pushed in a manual wheelchair while it is repaired. Kathya is non-verbal but has excellent receptive language skills and is extremely bright. Although she is unable to speak, if you are around her for even a short period of time, you will hear her unstoppable giggles and squeals of laughter when she gets excited about something. She answers “yes and “no questions by nodding her head or shrugging her shoulders. She has an electronic communication system she uses at times to help with expressing herself in the classroom, or she answers straightforward questions by using a spelling card by pointing to the letters to spell out her answer. Kathya is also able to write with a pencil independently and can answer simple questions in that manner.

Kathya is dependent for all activities of daily living, such as transitioning to and from her wheelchair, toileting, bathing, dressing, etc. She has limited voluntary movement of her upper extremities, left greater than right, however enough fine motor control of the fingers of her left hand to perform the skills described above. In addition, with set-up, she can hold an eating utensil in her left hand and bring it to her mouth to feed herself. Kathya has limited purposeful movement of her lower extremities. She can be positioned on an adaptive Rifton bicycle and pushed by the therapist while she steers with her left hand. In addition, she can continue propelling the bicycle using her legs independently in a straight line for approximately 20 feet if given a push start. She is working on being able to propel and steer the bicycle simultaneously, which is very challenging. She also likes to be positioned upright in a stander and/or gait trainer so she can be eye level with her peers. Kathya is able to sit upright with support, but not without. When positioned on her back on a mat, she can roll on to her stomach and back in either direction, but is unable to obtain most other developmental positions.

Kathya is a loyal and adoring fan of Hannah Montana – whether it’s her music, movies or just about anything Hannah Montana related. So it is only fitting that Hannah Montana will be a major theme for her bedroom. She lives with her mom and older sister in an apartment in the Bronx. Kathya’s loving and sweet demeanor is a product of all the years of devotion, care and loving kindness that they have surrounded her with. Both her mom and sister work full-time and Kathya has the help of a home attendant after school. Kathya shares her bedroom with her sister Jamie. As usual, Jamie is putting Kathya’s happiness first and has agreed to allow us to transform their bedroom into a Hannah Montana dream room.


Please take a moment to view the Before and After photos of Kathya's bedroom, as well as the bedroom makeover process.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who made this spectacular event possible! Whether you volunteered your time, donated money, or donated products and services, we are forever grateful and couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you to all of the dedicated and committed volunteers who contributed to Kathya's bedroom makeover!

Mina Ayoub
Diane Bitler
Antonio Camacho
Sarah Camacho-Garcia
Kane Chiang
Alexia Conville
Bekah Coulter
Katherine Deats
Martha & Alex Dvoryadkin
Arturo Garcia
Jorge Garcia
Tracy Gittens
Dave & Brooke Goldstein
Harry Lacoste
Jay Luna
Maria Mazzurco
Clay Nelms
Lizzette Perez
Carla Reyes
Jerry Rid
Adam & Sarah Seim
Taj Sylvester
Karina Vogt

Thank you to all the generous organizations and people who have supported Kathya's bedroom makeover!

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, Astoria, NY (Peter) -
Courier Car Rental (Dave Bellofatto) –
Danray Supply Company
Film Biz Recycling (Eva Radke) -
Funky Furniture (Mary Klenotic) -
Hollywood Records (Jason Jordan & Bladimir Jimenez)
Island Chairs (Ursula) -
Largent Studios (Kevin Largent) – (Sean Lee)
P.C. Richards, East 86th Street, New York (Chris) -
Princess Canopy Beds (Joanna and Samuel Lemus)-
Starbucks Coffee Company – 31st & Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, New York (Francisco Fernandez)

Cynda Collins Arsenault
Melissa Aspuru-Royner
Rochelle & David Bell
Zuri Benedith
Stephanie Benigno
Maria Bermudez
Kathryn Bloomfield
Barbara Brauner
Mark Cerqueira
Hannah Clements
Janet Conville & John Winn
Amy Cunningham
Chloe De La Harpe
Ted De Leon
Laura DiPaolo
Lee Dolson
Sandra Esguerra
Nancy Feher
Eric Fiebert
Carolyn, John, & Brandon Fitzmaurice
Carol Frazier
Arturo Garica
Dave & Brooke Goldstein
John Haney
Virginia Incalcaterra
Maxine Joyner
Abby Johnson & Blake Powell
Mike Kelly
Paul Kempisty
Denise Kimberg
Lisa Kroin
Kathleen Kulenych
Ana Leshchinsky
Jessica Magro-Santikul
Janet McNamee
Pam McQuade
Kim Oransky
Paulina Ortega
Rik Powell
Cecilia Reynoso
Devon Rich
Michele Sacconaghi
Vala Shahabi
John Sheridan
Deborah F. Sherlock
Emmy Shinas
Sarah Suh
Robert & Tara Sutton
Sonny Thadani
Michael Valentin
Yasmine Valizadeh
Karina Vogt
Rebecca Wachowski
Camille Walker
Caryna Wong

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