Blissful Bedrooms

Christine’s Bedroom Makeover

UPDATE!!! During the weekend of 2/24-2/26/12, A team of Blissful Bedrooms volunteers – TEAM CHRISTINE – gave Christine the Pop Star/Recording Studio themed bedroom of her dreams! Twenty-seven dedicated and talented individuals made Christine’s passion their own, and physically and creatively contributed to this act of loving kindness. Countless other individuals made donations to invest in Christine’s happiness – CHRISTINE’S ANGELS, making it all possible. Christine’s room is now a totally cool, completely unique, “grown-up” bedroom fit for a Diva. She has a sanctuary, of which she was the ultimate visionary and designer, a place where she can retreat to and feel rejuvenated, happy, inspired and peaceful. Even more remarkable than that, we wrapped our collective arms around Christine and her family, and left their home with a palpable and all-pervading, loving and compassionate energy that is guaranteed to linger for a lifetime, and send ripple effects out into the world. The joyful and confident smile Christine wears on her face these days is the highest compensation we could ever hope for! Christine, may all of your days be blissful and may you sing your heart out in your Blissful Bedroom!



Please take a few minutes to view the photos from Christine's makeover weekend, which include Before & After photos of her bedroom, pictures of the details and original art work, her reaction to the Revealing of her bedroom, the process of transforming the bedroom and the Reveal party celebration with past Blissful Bedrooms makeover recipients, friends and supporters.

On a crisp and chilly February afternoon, Christine's Mom and Dad escorted a very excited Christine to Manhattan for her Pop Star photo shoot. John of John Kilgore Sound & Recording opened up his heart and his doors to Christine and Blissful Bedrooms, and was extremely welcoming to us during the 3 hour photo shoot. With high profile stars utilizing his studio all of the time, we are very humbled and thankful that he donated this valuable recording studio time to rising star Christine. It is obvious as a seasoned professional, he recognizes true and lasting talent and stardom when he sees it!

When the photo shoot team arrived at the studio, they found Christine eagerly waiting outside looking all cool and cute and making it apparent that this is one celebrity who doesn't need a stylist. Christine easily transformed into her Pop Star persona, completely at ease in the recording studio environment, and very natural as if she had done this a thousand times before. You know the old saying, Stars are not made, they are born!!

Christine was made even more beautiful and glamourous then she already is by the very talented and elite Makeup Artist Andrew Sotomayor. Straight off the intensity and exhaustion of Fashion Week, Andrew volunteered his time for this photo shoot and gave Christine the same attention and enthusiasm as if he were working with Rhianna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Christine and Andrew chatted and laughed the whole time and Andrew not only made her eyes smoky and sultry, but also brought her inner glow out even more. Brian Golub was the volunteer Creative Coordinator for the event and he made sure every detail - big and small - was perfect for Christine's shoot. He scouted and arranged a location for the shoot, brought lighting and props, and sang and danced for Christine just to make her giggle.

Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin was the Photographer's Assistant and the Stylist and Prop Coordinator for the shoot. Her job was extremely easy as Christine looks great in everything she wears.

Finally, Alex donned one of his many Blissful Bedrooms hats this afternoon - in fact his favorite hat of all when it comes to the Blissful Bedrooms makeover recipients - that of Photographer. He did a great job and manifested some great shots of Christine, which are now displayed proudly in her brand new bedroom!

Thank you to the Christine's Photo Shoot Team for dedicating your afternoon to Christine, and contributing to making her spirit and self-esteem soar to new heights.

John Kilgore Sound & Recording -
Photographer - Alexey Dvoryadkin -
Makeup Artist - Andrew Sotomayor -
Creative Coordinator - Brian Golub
Stylist/Photographer's Assistant - Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin

Christine's Introduction video
Thank you to all of the amazing people who made this spectacular event possible! Whether you volunteered your time, donated money, or donated products and services, we are forever grateful and couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and talents to make a dream come true for Christine!


Chelsea Arbutina
Al Benkin
Alyssa Cabrera
Jessenia Cabrera
Eric Campros
Stephen Caputo
Rebekah Coulter
Madeline Dudek
Alex Dvoryadkin
Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin
David Gromet
Carlos Escobar
Chiara Escobar
Kimberly Escobar
Yair Gelb
Brian Golub
Harry Lacoste
Carla Reyes
Justin Romeo
Karin Sagona
Donna Sagona
Adam Seim
Sarah Seim
Andrew Sotomayor
Cristian Torres
Chris Vasquez
Vanessa Von Hessert

Thank you to all of the generous ORGANIZATIONS/BUSINESSES and INDIVIDUALS who have supported Christine’s bedroom makeover by donating funds, services and/or materials. This makeover could not have been possible without your help!


Brenda Allen
Jessica Amadeo-Guzman
Paola Andrade
Matthew Azimi
Muriel (Tookie) H. Bacon
Lisa Baker
Virgina Baker
Stella Benkel
Sharon Benmayor
Simon Bollinger
Matthew Brandebura
Kelly Brennan
Michael Brusasco
Christina Buck
Awo Busumsi
Maureen Butler
Merrylyn Candelario
Gabrielle Carlin
Ciretta Carroll
Jessica Coffrin-St. Julien
Kat Corbett
Nayda Correa
Sandra Couture
Bridget Crawford
Lisa DaSilva
Doreen Deans
Christine DeLuca
A Dougherty
John Eccher
Kimberly Escobar
Diego Espejo
Lastasha Ford
Tamika Ford
Estelle Gallo
Suzanne Gerstein
Tracy Gittens
John Haney
Tom & Grace Harris
Tommy & Erica Harris
Ivan Hernandez
Samiya Ikram
Girlie Ilao
Christina Jernigan
Susan Juister
Patricia Kalambogias
Rana Khan
Denise Kimberg
Gopal K. Kutty
Lisa Lagueras
Jessica Larsen-Hossain
Jordan Leitson
Frances Lim
Erin McGarry
Janet McNamee
Jennifer Meerow
Roberto Molina
Mark Moravits
Robert & Carol Morris
Juan Munoz
Zora O’Neill
Stephen O’Sullivan
Allin Patterson
Paul Papasimakis
Luke Pierucci
Carlie Rice
Beatriz A. Rojas
Donna Sagona
Karin Sagona
Aileen Salvante- Martin
Arlene Santana
Jill Schaal
David Schiff
Becky Seim
Concetta Smith
Margauz and Amiya Smith
Amy Stevens
Louis Taylor
Thanh Tran
Meredith Traquina
Phillipe Trinh
Cindy Vaca
Martha Vallas
Zuzana Vojtek
Rebekke von Hessert
Vanessa von Hessert
Tina Walz
Lindsey Wright
Nina Young

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, Astoria, NY -
Cornerstone Research (collection by employees) –
EmbroidMe (Maria Emma) - (Sandra Kurman Charity Committee)
Film Biz Recycling -
Fox 5 NY Stage Hands
John Kilgore Sound & Recording -
Lawrence & Sandra Post Family Foundation
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus – Student Occupational Therapy Association, Junior Class 2012 (Michael McCool)
Pronto Pizza, Astoria, New York
Luis & Alma Jimenez Charitable Fund
New York Times – Challenged Childrens’ Fund
Re-Surface Design LLC
SkinStarz (Kyle)
Sockenstein -
Think Coffee (Jason Scherr) –
Working Leg Productions –
Zaro’s Bake Shop

Donation Boxes

Thank you to the Companies and Individuals who have adopted Blissful Bedrooms donation boxes, and to the generous and giving customers/people who contributed to the boxes. You helped us manifest Christine’s dream bedroom!

Astoria 31st street market
Bel Aire Diner
Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
Cristian Daniel Torres
Double G Pharmacy
Family Corner
Film Biz Recycling
Green Line Market
Igloo Cafe
Omega Liquor Store
Pick 99cents Store
Rosario’s Italian Deli
Tasty’s Diner
Queens Kickshaw
Zorba’s Souvlaki
If you are touched and inspired by what you've seen above, please help us to perform our next bedroom makeover by making a donation of any amount today. Our work is only possible because of your generous contributions and loyal support!