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It is that time of year again for one of our FAVORITE Blissful Bedrooms events!! We are GOING TO THE BEACH on Thursday, 8/16/18 (Rain date – Friday, 8/17/18) and it’s going to be an incredibly FUN and AMAZING day!! This is a once a year opportunity that you don’t want to miss.


ALL ARE WELCOME PROVIDED all individuals attending come with an open and giving heart, and that they understand that Blissful Bedrooms is a sharing community that is focused on empowering, and bringing lots of joy to the disabled youth who are part of our special family FIRST AND FOREMOST. In other words, we consider the disabled youth at our events VIPs and our priority is to focus all of our love and attention on them! We expect that all attendees joining us for the day sincerely share our passion, and want to HELP us in making sure our guests of honor have a wonderful time! We are always looking for partners in compassion and we are eager to welcome likeminded people to our tribe!

****It’s a POTLUCK BEACH LUNCH. Please bring something delicious to contribute to lunch for the group. We are depending on all participants to contribute something so that this can be a wonderful day for everyone! It can be an ethnic, homemade dish or store bought food, as well as snacks, desserts and drinks.****

The plan is to hang out on the beach from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and enjoy time swimming, soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, eating lunch and spending time together. Then we will get cleaned up and head over to Coney Island via a nice, leisurely walk/roll on the boardwalk and gather at the bench tables close to Nathan’s for dinner and have fun on the amusement park rides! We will start with our tradition of EVERYONE in the Blissful Bedrooms crew going together as a group on the Wonder Wheel and the bumper cars and then split up into small groups to take in Luna Park. The brave members of the group may want to ride the Cyclone or Thunderbolt, or perhaps go on the Spook-A-rama ride.

Our aim, as always, is to make sure our disabled guests (especially those in wheelchairs) don’t get left out of the fun at any point during the day, and our mission is to make sure that each young individual with a disability has this rare opportunity to float in the ocean and experience the rides that most likely have always been considered off limits to them in other traditional circumstances.To this end, our volunteer team and other guests are prepared to do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

**We will set up a Changing Tent with a changing table for our guests who need this. Please bring whatever you need for personal hygiene in this pop-up setting (i.e., chucks, diapers, wipes, etc.)

DROP-OFF ADDRESS IN AM FOR ACCESS-A-RIDES ***Note, there is a different pick-up location to go back home at the end of the day (see below)*** (PLEASE arrange your pick-up from the Bronx at approximately 8:00 A.M. so you will have plenty of time to travel to Brooklyn and be there around 10:00. It is important that you make every effort to arrive on time by scheduling an early pickup (8:00 AM). As you know, this event (and all of our events) are staffed completely by volunteers. Our team of volunteers cannot turn their attention to bringing our disabled guests in the water and enjoy beach time with them until everyone has arrived, as they must wait to transfer and assist in getting you settled). PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AND DO YOUR BEST TO ARRIVE AS CLOSE TO 10:00 AM as possible. Thank you!

Cafe Restaurant Volna 3145 Brighton 4th St (Cross street Brightwater Court) Brooklyn, NY 11235

***This restaurant is located near a wheelchair accessible ramp leading to the boardwalk. When you get on the boardwalk, the bathroom building is located to the right. We will meet in front of the bathrooms at 10:00 A.M. There is a long blue walkway adjacent to the Ladies bathroom that wheelchairs can use to get on the beach. We will set up camp somewhere beyond the end of this walkway as close to the water as possible. All you have to do is look for the wheelchairs if you arrive after 10:00 AM. and follow the bliss. If something comes up (traffic, late pickup, etc.) preventing you from arriving at 10:00 AM, please keep Martha updated via text. Thank you so much!

For those driving, it is possible to find street parking in the area and there is a Municipal Parking Lot on Brightwater Court between Brighton 2nd and Brighton 4th Streets (right in front of the boardwalk) – 312 spaces, including eight spaces for people with disabilities.
– Monday to Saturday, 8 am to midnight
– Pay and display operation
– Accepts quarters, dollar coins, NYC Parking Cards and credit cards.
– Rates: 25¢ per 10 minutes, 5 hr limit
– (123 spaces, including eight spaces for people with disabilities)

PICK-UP ADDRESS IN PM FOR ACCESS-A-RIDES TO GO BACK HOME ***Note, this address is different than the morning drop-off address!*** Arrange for pick-up to go home at 10:00 P.M. (or later) in front of Nathan’s Famous so you can take full advantage of the evening and you don’t have to cut your fun short.

1310 Surf Avenue
Between West 15th Street and Stillwell Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Official Coney Island Parking

Off-street parking is available daily from 8am to 8pm at the Official Coney Island Parking Lot next to MCU Park. Enter at Surf Avenue and West 19th Street. Parking is $11/day Monday – Friday There are several other parking lots close by as well.

Visual Beach Day directions

We hope you can join us to not only have fun, but also to volunteer and assist us in making sure our young participants with disabilities have an extraordinary day!

There is limited space and resources. Disabled youth take priority and it’s FIRST RSVP, FIRST SERVE basis. Please RSVP via email, phone or Facebook Invite by 8/10/18 (the sooner the better to reserve your spot): or 917-359-9319

Please bring beach chairs/towels, sunscreen/hat, beach toys, food, snacks and soft drinks to share, a change of clothes for the evening, and whatever else you can think of to make this an incredible day at the beach! Note, we do bring several chairs, umbrellas, etc. for the use of our VIP disabled guests. Unfortunately, it is impossible to bring enough for everyone.Please be sure to bring your own seating accommodations to the beach to ensure you will be as comfortable as possible during the day.

Public Transporation: Brighton Beach is a short walk form the Brighton Beach stop on the Q train Coney Island is a short walk from the Stillwell Avenue/Coney Island stop on the Q train.

If you can’t be there with us physically, you can still be a great help by making a donation of any amount toward this event. This is the second of three major events that we host in the summer for disabled youth. It’s a huge financial challenge for our grassroots organization to pull off and your support is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated.

You can make a donation at the link below:



Summer is an intense and important time for Blissful Bedrooms programming. We take advantage of the warm weather to pack in as many meaningful gatherings as possible so disabled youth can get out of their bedrooms and experience joy with others. It is also one of the most grueling times in terms of successful fundraising and rigorous planning in order to carry it all out. As you probably know, every person on the Blissful Bedrooms team volunteers their time and energy and concurrently hold down full-time jobs, as well as family responsibilities and other obligations. It speaks to the passion, endurance, and commitment that the Blissful Bedrooms team has for the mission of our organization, which is now going into the 8th year of existence! However, we do rely heavily on grassroots fundraising to sustain our charity, and we are truly grateful and honored by each and every donation that is invested so that we can continue to do this heartwarming and socially impactful work. Thank you so much for your generous backing!

Please help us by making a donation of any amount at all at this link:

We couldn’t do this without the modest and contributions of many people. Thank you so much for your support of Blissful Bedroom and for being a treasured part of our community.