Blissful Bedrooms


BeachDay2014Collage 25 young individuals with disabilities, and their friends and families, took part in Beach Day 2014.

18 brave, hardcore volunteers signed up for this rigorous and demanding assignment, while others joined us along the way, and fostered a phenomenal day for these young individuals that is now a happy memory that they will look back on many times this year until the next Beach Day. We cannot thank these compassionate and courageous individuals enough because, without them, amazing and rare experiences like this could never happen for the BB Community.

Thank you to all of the family members and friends who accompanied our guests of honor on this 12+ hour day and not only helped out their kin, but also helped each other as a true, loving community does.

We were so fortunate this year to have the support and sponsorship of some famous Coney Island institutions which led to a fairytale day for Blissful Bedrooms.

Thank you to our loyal and longstanding sponsors, Steve and Dennis Vourderis of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. For the fifth year, they welcomed our very large crew with open arms and opened the doors to every ride in their park for BB members to enjoy without limits. If there is one ride that every young individual with a disability goes on during this special day, it is the Wonder Wheel, and we cannot thank Steve and Dennis enough for their generosity and kindness. If they only knew how many happy tears were shed in the cars of the Wonder Wheel over the past five years we have been coming, as individuals with severe disabilities experience an adult amusement park ride for the first time in their lives. It never gets old watching the emotion on the faces of the participants and their mothers’ faces, especially as tears stream down their cheeks due to witnessing their child have this happy and normally prohibited experience.

Thank you to Luna Park for donating wristbands to the Blissful Bedrooms community, which allowed us to have the time of our life all night long as we boarded one ride after the other.

Thank you to Grimaldi’s Pizza for donating pizza pies to feed our hungry group dinner!

Danielle Blair
Kimberly Cosgrove
Richard Diomede
Kimberly Escobar
Chiara Escobar
Martha Gold- Dvoryadkin
Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin
Christopher Gonzalez
Hsuan Cheng
Iwona Leonard
Kirk Leonard
Evan Leung
Katie Norwood
Yelena Myman
Sarah Suh
Maggie Thompson
Molly Wagman
Anne-Claire Wuestefeld

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