Blissful Bedrooms


Where there is a will, there is a way………and where there is a team of giving, compassionate, loving, creative, hardworking individuals willing to go above and beyond, and invest their time, energy and resources into serving others, that way leads to something as profoundly tender and beautiful as this……..


This was our second camping trip at the Blissful Cabin Retreat and with our past experience and commitment to always improving and evolving, as well as the generous support of many, it turned out to be even better than the first! It included not one, but two, field trips – The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary at the beginning of the weekend and Cody Creek Farm (an organic community farm at the end), a movie night under the stars, live and interactive music, and a disco dance party that was on par with the hippest dance club! Most importantly, all of the participants had a fantastic and relaxing time and a memorable mini-vacation they won’t soon forget. The special moments they enjoyed this summer will surely inspire sweet reveries this winter when they spend more time in their bedrooms.

There are lots of photos from this wonderful weekend in an album on our Facebook Page, along with lots of other photo albums from past Blissful experiences. Now is a good time for you to LIKE our page so you can stay connected!

Immense gratitude and deep respect to every person who had a hand in manifesting this weekend, and there were lots. This was a true partnership in compassion and this experience could never of happened without the help of many, many people entering into a caring collaboration and manifesting this labor of love. More than 60 people (young individuals with disabilities and their families) were blessed by our kindness this past weekend, and I believe the individuals (volunteers and sponsors) who helped orchestrate this phenomenal weekend were even more blessed.

Monica Albizu
Alex Badarian
Danielle Blair
Camilo Cadeno
Lenny Campos
Guillaume Crico
Jordan Delzell
Kimberly Escobar
Chiara Escobar
Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin
Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin
Carly Goldman
Christopher Gonzalez
Jared & Zur Handelsman
Rikayo Hori
Adam Horwich
Lexy Ho Tai
Susanne Ikekpolor
Yusuf Kanneh
Inhyee Lee
Kirk Leonard
Heidi Nafis
Maud Navarae
Frank O’Leary
Mark Ressl
Malcolm Rowe
Chase Randell
Miles Thomas
Maggie Thompson
Jane Toby
Jared & Lala Williams


Brenda Allen
Cynda Arsenault
Marcus Arthur
Saije Bashaw
Vivian and Jim Beatrice
Lori Belfiore
Natalie Bendzak
Gina Bergdall
Christina Buck
Carol Bufano
Sandra Caruso
Kathiana Casimir
Katherine Deats
Mark and Carin DeNat
Lee Dolson
David Ellenbogen
Joann Elenson
Kimberly Escobar
Eric Fiebert
Andrea Fitz
Patrice Fuchs
Estelle Gallo
Michael Gam
Ana Georgalis
Christa Gesztesi
Ava Ghiotti
Quiana Godek
Irina Golubovic
Hector Guerrero
Orli Himmelweit
Pearl Ho-Tai
Cassandra Kane
Andrew Karayanis
Denise Kimberg
Marilyn Kirby
Jennifer Knestrick
Siu Yun Kong
Grafe Libao
Sarah Madsen
Janet McNamee
Marissa Morelle
Andrew Morino
Amy Nicholson
Joseph O’Connell
C Overby
Diana Perez
Denise Polgano
Rachel Prztula
Steve Rayboy
Russell Reilley
Brandon Rigoli
Justin Rosenberg
Linda Rossini
Philip Rowe
Aileen Salvante-Martin
Laura Salvato
Jessica & Karn Santikul
Rajesh Shah
Alison Snowdale
Ian Snyder
Apolinaro Sorio
Orlean Sorio
Lisa Starzyk-Weldon
Donna Stevens
Sarah Suh
Stacey Tamasco
Barbara Taylor
Ryoya Terao
RoByn Thompson
Marian Tortorella
Nicholas Tzoumas
Camille Walker
Jeffery Welch
Jessica Williams

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
David Ellenbogen/Michael Gam Musical Duo
Film Biz Recycling
International Meat Market
Lucky Strike NYC
Long Spoon Collective and Cody Creek Farm
Marilyn Kirby Band
The Giving Tree Yoga Studio
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary