Blissful Bedrooms

Angel’s bedroom makeover

Angel was the recipient of the second Blissful Bedroom Makeover which took place on 6/13-6/15/09.

I’ve never met anyone with a more fitting name because he truly is an angel. He is 22 years old and he graduated from school last year. Presently, he attends a program in Manhattan. I have known Angel for about 7 years. He was a big yoga enthusiast in my yoga classes at the school and his mom tells me he watches it every morning at home before he leaves for his program. I have to tell you I have never seen Angel frown or get angry in all of the years I have known him. I often refer to him as my guru and I really mean it. He has taught me so much in the time I have known him and he really has all of the qualities of a saint or divine being. Although he has very limited voluntary movement he is always the life of the party and so enthusiastic. As you can perceive already, I truly love Angel. We had a team of amazing Craig’s List volunteers who came together to create the room of Angel’s dreams. Angel’s family was shocked when they heard we all recently met through a Craig’s List ad. They said we all got along so well and they thought we were long time friends.

Angel is a big fan of martial arts and body building. We met with Angel and his family a few weeks prior to the makeover to discuss the colors he would like his room painted and how we could make this the room of his dreams. He decided that he wanted his room painted light blue with dark blue/orange trim. We received a donation of bedding, curtains and area rugs for his room from Film Biz Recycling. Konduit, Inc, a shop in LIC that builds sets for television shows, movies and commercials donated all of the paint. TenderCare beds donated the bed pieces, which transformed his hospital bed. One of the team members, Dave, got in touch with Muscle Magazine and they donated 20 magazines. His wife Brooke used some of these magazines to make the beautiful collages. In addition, Muscle Magazine committed to doing an article about Angel and his room makeover in one of their future issues. We haven’t told Angel about that yet. We are going to surprise him with the framed article which we will hang in his room. He is going to be blown away. Karina is an artist who volunteered to paint a mural on his wall and I am sure you will agree that her work is beyond beautiful. She spent more than 60 hours painting this mural and it really shows. The mural is of a rain forest with ninjas and chinese stars (one of his Angel’s passions). We are so grateful for all the people who contributed to this wonderful outcome.


Please take a moment to view Before and After photos of Angel's bedroom, as well as of the bedroom makeover process.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who made this spectacular event possible! Whether you volunteered your time, donated money, or donated products and services, we are forever grateful and couldn't have done it without you.

Tender Care Beds
Film Biz Recycling
Muscle Magazine
Konduit, Inc.
Jessica Magro
Sandra Esguerra
Stefan Ensler
Antonio Camacho
Lizzette Perez
Tanya Zapat

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