Blissful Bedrooms

Alexey Dvoryadkin

Co-Founder, Room Designer, Photographer

Alexey relocated to New York City from Sibera, Russia in 2005. While in Russia he studied and became certified in various healing/massage therapy modalities and worked as a massage therapist in a family run health spa. Because his father instilled the importance of health and physical fitness in him from an early age, he makes exercise an integral part of his day. He is compassionate and spiritual and enjoys working with individuals with physical challenges. After coming to the United States, Alex began studying photography. It was then that he found his true passion, which comes very natural to him as he intuitively captures the “art” and “heart” in all the subjects he photographs. He is also talented in graphic design and well versed in Adobe Photoshop. Currently, Alex works as a freelance photographer and routinely takes on diverse and varied photography assignments. He enjoys new challenges and collaborating with his clients to achieve their personal vision for a project or event.

Alex is the official Photographer and Graphic Designer for Blissful Bedrooms. He is responsible for photo-documenting all of our projects/events (including Before & After photos), and creating imaginative and dynamic visual presentations, which allow visitors to our website to witness the humanity of the bedroom makeovers and events we host, from start to end. He has also acquired filming and editing skills and takes video of all of the recipients pre-makeover, as well as video of the bedroom Revealing and other Blissful Bedrooms events. Recently, Alex has delved into wedding photography, and he derives much satisfaction from capturing the special moments of a couples wedding day in an artistic and natural way. He particularly enjoys photographing individuals with disabilities (see examples), and helping them to explore and reveal a side of themselves they never knew existed. Alex takes great pleasure in witnessing their transformation as they discover themselves in a new light, not that of a “disabled person.” He does personal photo shoots for all of our current makeover recipients, which are related to the theme of their bedroom makeover. It gives him a thrill to know that the photographs that result from these shoots will be displayed on the recipient’s walls and inspire and empower them for years to come.

Along with Martha, he is looks forward to opening a Yoga Wonderland center in the future, with the intention to create a nurturing, positive and loving community for young individuals with disabilities. Alex very much enjoys the creative process of designing the rooms for Blissful bedrooms. Building on the recipient’s passions and wishes, he uses his artistic eye and creative perspective to envision unique elements, and to collaborate with other Blissful Bedrooms volunteers to bring them to life . He also likes getting in there, picking up a paint brush and doing the foundation work! But most of all Alex enjoys the happy face of the recipient at the end of the transformation, which he captures for all to see using his photography skills.

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