Blissful Bedrooms

Adam Seim

Project Manager, Master Carpenter

Adam, together with his wife Sarah, have been loyal and dedicated Blissful Bedrooms volunteers from early on. He quickly became an indispensable and valued member of the Core Team, and has been central in the consistent growth of the organization, and the high standard of interior design we are known for.

Adam is extremely gifted and talented with his hands and possesses exceptional analytical skills. He does everything from designing, to engineering to building and more. In fact, when there is any type of mechanical challenge or issue regarding the makeover, Adam is always the one to lead the effort to fix it. Adam’s father’s side of the family has been in woodworking and construction for generations, so growing up, he was always around wood and carpentry tools, as well as plenty of master carpenters. His woodshop teacher in high school was an Amish carpenter and Adam took his class all 4 years. This has contributed to Adam’s passion for carpentry.

Since Adam’s early days in high school, he has designed and built studio furniture for several major radio stations in Chicago and New York City, and he is always trying to expand his woodworking knowledge by reading books, attending woodworking shows, and even wandering around furniture stores and studying different designs and styles.

Adam is currently studying traditional hand tool woodworking, which is the way furniture has been built for thousands of years. Additionally, Adam is extremely proficient with construction project management and Computer Automated Drawing (CAD) software, where he creates 3-D renderings for our projects. He is also very computer savvy and is well versed in other design software programs.

Adam has the unique ability to manifest a design vision into reality and he is always ready to take on any building challenge. He has been instrumental in Blissful Bedrooms ability to make custom-made beds (and other pieces) for our makeovers, and he contributes significantly to the high standard of craftsmanship and quality we consistently demonstrate.