Blissful Bedrooms


It truly was a fantastic day. Despite the ominous and relentless weather reports for the entire weekend that threatened to steal our joy, and even made us postpone this event from Saturday to Sunday, the weather ended up being perfect for our picnic and the turn out was great! Who can believe that we have hosted this picnic every July for ten years now, in the very same beautiful spot. Everyone had a great day and the vibe was super chill and exciting and fun at the same time. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to manifesting this wonderful occasion!




Alex Baderian
Ryan Barth
Eric Brines
Margalit Cutler
Evelyn Diaz
Jonathan Farrer
Alexa Garcia
Alexey Gold Dvoryadkin
Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin
Stephanie Hazlewood
Ivette Hernandez
Dolores Howard
Deena Kaiser
Lenore Koppelman
Juan Lopez
Jason Rivera
Onalee Rivera
Maria Romero
Robert Sparks
Sarah Seim
Denira Solano
Julia Wipf

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR GENEROUS SUPPORTERS who have donated so far to our Blissful Bedrooms Summer FUNdraiser 2019 making this exciting day, the very first of our 3 summer events, possible!

Brenda Allen
Rochelle Bell
Erica Bunin
Christina Buck
Linda Buck
Michele Golom
Sharee Gordon
Hector Guerrero
Julia Hardee Forbes
Vera Jones
Yuko Kudo
Janet McNamee
Lincoln O’Brien
Maria Rinklin (in Memoriam of Gerald Helmdstadt)
Sara Seidman
Rebecca Seim
Robert Shore
Keevily Spero Whitelaw
Jordan Traister
Meredith Traquina

Bruderhof Community – Woodcrest
The Cheeky Chipmunk NYC Face Painting and Body Art
The New York Yankees Foundation
Onalee Artistry – NYC
The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund


Summer is an intense and important time for Blissful Bedrooms programming. We take advantage of the warm weather to pack in as many meaningful gatherings as possible so disabled youth can get out of their bedrooms and experience joy with others. It is also one of the most grueling times in terms of successful fundraising in order to carry it all out. As you probably know, every person on the Blissful Bedrooms team volunteers their time and energy and concurrently hold down full-time jobs, as well as family responsibilities and other obligations. It speaks to the passion, endurance, and commitment that the Blissful Bedrooms team has for the mission of our organization, which is now in it’s 10th year of existence! However, we do rely heavily on grassroots fundraising to sustain our charity, and we are truly grateful and honored by each and every donation that is invested so that we can continue to do this heartwarming and socially impactful work. Thank you so much for your generous backing!



Please help us by making a donation of any amount at the link here. We couldn’t do this without the modest and contributions of many other earthlings :-) Thank you so much for your support of Blissful Bedroom and for being a treasured part of our community.